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The Green Mysteries is not yet complete as of this date, but we have now scheduled a book launch at Mortlake and Company ( in Seattle on November 9, 2019. The book itself will arrive at our warehouses between October 22-31 and begin shipping to all pre-orders at that time. More information about the Seattle book launch, as well as other venues, is pending, and will be posted here, and in a dedicated email newsletter. At that time we will have additional information about other events related to the release of this title.
At present, due to the large number of pre-orders, we anticipate that the hardcover and softcover editions will be sold out prior to the October release. Upon arrival of stock, our first priority will be to fulfill our pre-orders for customers who have ordered directly from us. If you ordered a softcover from a mass-market retailer like, please check in with them directly for delivery dates, as these are certain to be later than our own.
Those who pre-ordered The Green Mysteries directly from Three Hands Press will be sent a copy of the chapbook Woodwose Homilies in September, free of charge. This booklet, a herald of ARCANA VIRIDIA and a voice drawn from its pages, is offered in appreciation for our readers’ ongoing support, and is an allegory of the book’s arduous manifestation:
The Woodwose or Wuduwasa is an Anglo-Saxon form of the archaic Wild-man, an enigmatic figure clad and masked in leaves. Bearing a leafing club or staff, he makes his appearance at the margins of wilderness and civilization, dream and waking, plant and human. Embodying both nobility and barbarity, both he and the Wild-women or Silvaticae are the deified reservoirs of Nature-as-Other. Emerging as an ancillary text of Daniel A. Schulke’s book The Green Mysteries, the chapbook Woodwose Homilies assumes the persona of the Wildman, putting forth a magical philosophy of empowered human-plant relation.
Any additional copies of Woodwose Homilies remaining following the release of The Green Mysteries will be offered solely by Three Hands Press via our website, and at our book launch events.
Witch-Ikon Scheduling
Witch-Ikon has been delayed due to a number of problems, including having to move the project to a new printer, and increases in production cost.  On September 1, there will be a slight increase in price to all editions to cover these production costs, but this will apply only to new purchases. Customers who pre-ordered the book at the original price will not be subject to any additional charge. Standard hardcover and softcover editions of the book will ship in mid-December 2019. Deluxe and special editions of the book are forthcoming in February 2020.
New Titles, Recently Arrived
WYRD volume 4. The fourth volume was just released, and features new articles by Andrew D. Chumbley, Amodali, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Richard Gavin, Corinne Boyer, and Martin Duffy. Images by Linda MacFarlane, Nicomi Nix Turner, Marzena Ablewska,  Johnny Decker Miller, Joseph Uccello, and Claude Mahmood. Limited to 1,000 copies in total, softcover, 7″ × 10″, full color images throughout, printed offset lithography on heavy acid-free stock, 64 pages. Currently in stock. (
SHARP PRACTICE by Robert Fitzgerald, with three illustrations by Johnny Decker Miller. Originally written in 2014 as a short monograph for Three Hands Press,  Sharp Practice is an exposition on the Phurba, the ritual dagger used in Bön and Vajrayana Buddhism. Examining its deific essence, as well as its iconography, the book concludes with a rite dedicated to the Three Jewels, inspired by each tradition. The author is a Vajrayana practitioner and the book was written in dedication to three of his teachers.  The standard edition of the book ( , bound in gilt white cloth with colour dust jacket, and limited to 888 copies, has arrived and is available for purchase now.
Pre-Labor Day Sale, Friday 30 August
We will be holding a 24-hour flash pre-Labor Day sale on Friday, August 30th.  Three Hands Press is pleased to offer a 20% discount on all in-stock titles. The discount applies to all items currently in stock, pre-orders are excluded. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on coveted titles at a cut rate, especially deluxe editions. Please use coupon code NAIL22 at check out. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping.
By Moonlight and Spirit Flight,
Second Edition
Michael Howard’s tractate concerning the Witches’ Flight to the Sabbat, By Moonlight and Spirit Flight, was published in 2013 as part of the “Three Hands Press Occult Monographs” series and quickly sold out. Though stock has long since evaporated, we receive a steady stream of requests for this rarity, and with the author’s passing in 2015, it has become a legacy piece. We thus have made the decision to release the work as a stand-alone volume. The new book will be released in early 2020, with a new cover and type design, in softcover, hardcover and limited deluxe hardcover edition. Stay tuned for a pending announcement on this, and other forthcoming titles.

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