New Episode of Thelema, NOW! Discussing the Hagia Sophia

Thelema, NOW! has posted a new episode. Host Harper Feist speaks with  Peter Mark Adams about his latest book, Hagia Sophia – Sanctum of Kronos: Spiritual Dissent in an Age of Tyranny.

Peter Mark Adams is an author, poet, esotericist and professional energy worker specializing in the ethnography and visuality of ritual, sacred landscape, esotericism, consciousness and healing. With a background in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool, Peter pursues advanced studies on iconology and iconographic; Renaissance art and material culture with the Warburg Institute’s School of Advanced Studies in London. Peter’s esoteric non-fiction is published through Scarlet Imprint Current offerings include the book discussed in the interview: Hagia Sophia – Sanctum of Kronos: Spiritual Dissent in an Age of Tyranny, Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos and The Game of Saturn: Decoding the Sola-Busca Tarocchi.

To buy Hagia Sophia – Sanctum of Kronos:

Listen to the episode:

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