M.’.M.’.M.’. Sex Magick Tip from the NY Times

The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran an interview with sexpert Emily Morse, host of the Sex With Emily podcast. The focus of the interview was nonmonogamy, how to decide whether it’d be a good thing for you, you or your partner, or partners. In the middle of all these Morse drops this little tidbit on a particular practical magick technique that I think would be roundly endorsed by Pascal Beverly Randolph, Maria de Naglowska, Ida Craddock and Theodor Reuss… oh and the Prophet of the Lovely Star:

On the subject of masturbation: In the book you write about this technique of “Meditate, masturbate” — remind me of the third one? Manifest.

Right. So the idea is that I’m supposed to meditate. Then once I’m in the right head space, I can start masturbating. And at the moment of climax, if I think about the thing I want to happen in my life — “I hope I get that raise!” — then it’s more likely to happen? Yeah. I mean, manifestation is the science behind the law of attraction and all the things you think about when you are in a heightened state. So when you’re meditating, which, I don’t know if you meditate.

I do two out of the three M’s. Two out of three! You’re good! So you meditate for a few minutes, you get in the zone, then you masturbate, and at the height of orgasm, when your sexual energy is at a peak level and you’re at a clear state to transmute whatever you believe into the universe — it’s very potent, clear energy at that moment to think about and feel what it is that you want. It could be about a raise. It could be about a better day. I feel like this is so woo. I’m from California! [Laughs.] But at that moment of your orgasm, if in that moment you can feel what you want, picture it, it has powerful resonance.

But that’s magic. Magic is not real. [Expletive.] I know. I wish I could explain this better to you, the science behind it, but a lot of people have had a lot of success with this feeling. I just think that meditate, masturbate, manifest is basically a way of using your creative energy to fuel your intentions in the moment of pleasure.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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