Mash Gallery Commemorates 1st Anniversary with Light-inspired Art

Curated by Haleh Mashian, LUMEN presents the viewer with a multi-sensory showcase that is both ethereal and atmospheric, yet geometric and analytic. Work ranges from the two-dimensional, painted canvases, to three-dimensional works composed of alternative materials, plastics, glass, and metal.
“The Neon Queen,” Lisa Schulte, presents a site-specific installation, “Color Fields,” a three-dimensional greenhouse with abstract neon flowers, tools, and icons. Lisa shares, “When one enters the greenhouse, my intention is to convey a feeling of peace and serenity and enchantment.”
Serbian light artist, Marko Gavrilovic, presents an intricate series of suspended plexiglass sculptures in an ongoing series titled, “Sharks.” Illuminated multi-colored shapes intertwine with light, conversely meshing Geometric Abstraction with Light Art. Marko shares, “I explore the possibilities in which nature and built environments will coexist…”
The theme of color as illusion continues with Angela Johal’s geometric pattern paintings, “I paint with striped diagonal or circular bands of color which forces illusionistic spaces…” Additionally, Saskatchewan artist Laura Payne presents her “Interpolation” series made of shaped wood panels seemingly appearing three dimensional while the surface reflects, refracts and disperses light. Los Angeles artist, Aaron Axelrod melds as many mediums as possible in his work, “Painting, sculpture, photography, video art, projection mapping, experimental crystal art, mixed media neon light art…”

LUMEN is a showcase of artists who exploit the optics of light and color. Zara Monet Feeney paints in a style likened to Conceptual Realism, and shares, “There is a specific moment when we believe an illusion or become seduced by something outside of ourselves. When this happens, we are not looking at something, but looking at ourselves perceiving it.” For curator Haleh Mashian, “LUMEN is about the experience, over the object, in this multi-sensory celebration of color and light.”

The one year anniversary of Mash Gallery 
kicks off with LUMEN on August 17, 8 to 11 PM and features 
Aaron Axelrod, Zara Monet Feeney, Marko Gavrilovic, Angela Johal, Laura Payne, and featuring a new installation by Lisa Schulte. 

LUMEN, curated by Haleh Mashian, will be on exhibit August 17 thru September 21 in the heart of the Los Angeles arts district. The Mash One Year Anniversary party and reception will take place on Saturday, August 17 from 8 PM to 11 PM. You can RSVP here.

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