Magickal Women Conference Calling for Proposals for 2020 Presentations

The London-based The Magickal Women Conference is calling for proposals for presentations to be give at its 2020 iteration. Their website says:

“The Magickal Women Conference is a celebration of women in all streams of magic, past and present. It provides an opportunity to explore the female perspective on the occult, esotericism, witchcraft and magic; to this end we offer an all-female roster (female by birth or not) of speakers.

“Following our highly successful international gathering in 2019, we return to South Kensington, London SW7 on 6th June 2020 for the second Magickal Women Conference and we now invite speaker proposals for this event. There will be fewer, but longer, speaker sessions in 2020.

“Intending speakers are asked to pay particular attention to the format/style of submissions please, as we are unable to accept proposals which do not meet the criteria, due to time and resource constraints.

“Our focus for 2020 is Isis-Babalon-Erzulie-Hekate. We want to explore and interrogate women’s relationship with these and other powerful expressions of Divine femininity from a diverse range of traditions and perspectives, expressed through literature, art and practice.

“We are interested in proposals that interrogate magic(k)al and folkloric traditions with a female focus or application: practices which challenge traditional social structures and expectations using a magical/craft framework; introductions to a particular tradition, group, lodge or sorority, particularly from an insider (emic) perspective; the experiences of the lone female practitioner, sybil or spirit worker, the ‘goes’ from ancient European tradition, the hedge witch, Obeah woman, cunning woman, root worker; talks based on discussions of fiction, historical source texts, un/published diary material, personal papers, films and artworks.

“This year we welcome proposals for talks and also encourage proposals for experiential, immersive and interactive sessions in a workshop or seminar format. Please note that these are not extended talks or lectures, but sessions that result in sharing of knowledge and insight so that participants can take away annotated texts, artefacts, an understanding of a practice and its application, or partake of an experience. We want people to gain value from these sessions through learning and/or artefacts that may be applied/used at home either at once or as an enriching part of a longer period of study/ritual practice.”

The deadline for all proposals: 11:59pm BST Wednesday  July 31, 2019.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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