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Here’s a long posting from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge critiquing negative coverage of he(r) in England’s Guardian. Firstly, good to hear from Gen reporting on something other then her dire health – not that we’re tired of her sharing that, but good to hear her immense knowledge, wit and erudition applied to something else. Secondly — in the course of correcting the Guardian’s inaccuracies Gen provides us with a major data download:

“We do not usually respond to reviews or articles, or even books that paint negative pictures ov my SELF. Opinions no matter how vicious or brutal, are a part ov our cultural discourse. Butter once in a while coumthing is written that is so poorly researched resulting in thee creation or perpetuation ov untruths, false allegations or is just a wanton character assasination that we are duty bound to respond. NOT to counter people’s personal opinions, though we have noticed these are always written by people who have never met me nor spent any time with me, butter to at least set thee record straight with FACTS and chronological dates that expose thee resulting web ov distortions,half truths and total misinformation:-

“heres is thee link, feel free to write to thee Guardian about thee low standard ov writing and research if it irritates you.

“There was an article in thee Guardian today that was more a character assasination than review ov our Psychic TV concert at Heaven. So many facts are totally incorrect and misleading and there are so many we feel duty bound to correct just dates, names and facts. All thee corrections can be coumfirmed by thorough research and a linear chronology ov events via articles, interviews, essays and books etc.

There has been so much we do not choose to say in response to outrageous, nasty allegations. BUTTER we DO wish… if only journalists would check FACTS, they might see how false and impossible so many of these accusations are. And bear in mind, Cosey left me to live with Chris in 1978. (not 1981) and they had been lovers for at least a year already with my full knowledge. By then in 1978 my ongoing girlfriend was Soo Catwoman ( yes ov Sex Pistols fame), later Akiko Hada video artist too. TG carried on working together 3 more years.TG actually split up in 1981 Cosey was already pregnant with their child, and we were already remarried to Alaura, thee woman who became mother to my children Caresse and Genesse. “GODSTAR” did take time to enter the National top 30 at 29, it is true. But was number ONE in thee indie chart for FOUR months! Thee Rolling Stones office, at Mick’s bidding we were told,called Radio One to stop playing Godstar or they would never be allowed to play Stones tracks again. It was written to make more public thee growing evidence that Brian Jones was murdered. It was not anti-pop, it was, and remains in my personal opinion, a classic little 60’s influenced pop song.If we were persuading Cosey to have sex with other men, why we were told by a stripper friend, did she continue stripping until she was 7 months pregnant and doing porn films for money 3 yeras after she began living with Chris? Was Chris now persuading her? If all her porn work and porn photos were a “sex positive” art project then perhaps we’d expect that to be a concept of her artistic agenda rather than thee behaviour ov a woman with a weak will merely afraid of persuasion. We have not read Cosey’s book, yet thee alleged rememberances and occasional allegations, we are told, occupy a good half to two thirds ov her book concern me, so thee majority ov reviews and descriptions ov her book seem reliant upon thee hearsay and very undocumented accusations regarding me that seem only to have surfaced to her 40 yeras after she chose to leave. Not once did she mention these grievances to me when we were together,and not once since 1978.She has had ample opportunity when we’ve all been in thee studio and on tours together. TG reformed for several yeras and we heard not a murmur ov old grudges regarding our brief six yeras together. Chris, Sleazy, neither ov them said anything, yet are supposed to be witnesses, though its a shame Sleazy tragically passed away as he could have shed more light on this. THERE IS COUMTHING that irritates me about how sloppy and factually chaotic these articles often are. I founded COUM in thee later Summer of 1969 Transmissions alone in Shrewsbury whilst visiting my parents. On returning to Hull in thee late Winter ov 1969 my friend JOHN SHAPEERO became thee second active member ov COUM Transmissions. Dr TIMOTHY POSTON became thee third member. Later RAY HARVEY and Ian “Spydee” Evetts joined. It was mainly an anarchic music group then. Cosey did not becoum active at all for about 18 months, even then only mainly making costumes at first. FACT CHECK: Cosey got pregnant almost as soon as we had mutually agreed unprotected sex on New Years Eve 1970 in Hull at thee fruit warehouse. Her father had thrown her out on thee street for being unemployed for 2 weeks. I hardly knew her butter couldn’t refuse her shelter. It was freezing cold. ( FACT it was not until 2 years later that Paul Frew and myself dubbed our building “The HoHo Funhouse” during a stand off with police outside,.)

When we discovered she was pregnant after a tearful discussion we both unhappily agreed she should have an abortion. THIS IS IMPORTANT thee doctors who performed thee abortion implanted a “copper 7” birth control device IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEE ABORTION. She did NOT remove it, to my knowledge, until she and Chris decided to have a baby. So…THERE IS NO WAY she could have got pregnant from unprotected sex after that event that we know ov !! Now look at thee porn shoots she chose to do from 1973 until 1981 and she is not choosing or insisting on any protection. Perhaps because she knew she could almost certainly not get pregant and clearly had decided for herself to not be overly concerned with getting any sexual diseases. Or passing them on to me when she returned home.

We certainly did not witness Cosey having sex with anyone apart from me until 1973. When she asked me if she could live in thee commune in January 1970 I stressed I could not commit at all to be a couple nor “in a relationship”( only just part-time lovers ) as my total coumittment was to COUM, art as a spiritual path and Creativity, and always would be. Still is. We also can’t say what sexual choices she made when she went out alone to party in Hull most weekends with her friends often tripping on acid and mandrax. We supported her right to choose ov course.
To this day we support Viva Ruiz’s “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” campaign as actively as we can.

PLEASE just begin looking at EVIDENCE and dates things happened, at CHRONOLOGIES and these allegations begin to look more and more flimsy at best. How do you sell a book when decades since thee 70’s have little to no sensational content? Focus on thee person who sells copy….as we said, we have not read thee book. One ov its functions may be to irritate me, who knows. Why after all these yeras we are being attacked agen…hell we were a scapegoat at school, prosecuted for queen collaged postcards in 1975, pilloried as COUM after “PROSTITUTION” forced into exile in 1992 by thee British Establishment. Not even a parking ticket or half smoked joint was found. We were exonerated as victimes ov lies in a right-wing evengelical conspiracy to sell a book on “SATANISM”. Coumthing we have never been nor been attracted to.

We stay away from biased opinion and attacks whenever we can. Thee papers dubbed me thee “MOST EVIL MAN IN BRITAIN” in 1991. Later they were exposed for having NO BASIS IN FACT for their accusations. Butter Lottie implies totally falsely, with no evidence “Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad raided Genesis P-Orridge’s house and discovered a fascination with necriphilia, murder and nazism..” THIS IS PATENTLY UNTRUE AND PRESUMABLY AN INVENTION OV AN OVER HEATED IMAGINATION. Careful Lottie your predjudicial fantasies are showing. NOTHING ov thee kind was found. We have a list ov every item Scotland Yard took and it contains none ov that. Thee whole contrived attack was exposed later by Desmond Hill who DID check his facts and dig out thee truth. Where was this evil, degenrate Genesis, why in Kathmandu, with my famille helping and paying for a soup kitchen for Tibettan refugees, beggars and lepers at Boudenath Stupa, where we got up at 6am every day through the Winter with my daughters and twice a day fed anyone in need who came rice, dahl and clean drinking water. Psychic TV fans also sent a large bale ov warm clothes for refugee and beggar children to help them survive thee Winter. What had these evil people done before that, picketed thee Brighton Dolphinarium every weekend for almost two yeras until it was closed for loss ov incoum. Then with animal rights groups we arranged for thee two Dolphins to go to thee Turks and Cacos islands for rehabilitation in a Blue Lagoon project. Butter Lottie doesn’t mention that either. Scotland Yard by thee way, they never returned my 2 tunnes ov property. Never reimbusrsed me for thee 2 homes we lost, both woth almost 2 million pounds value when coumbined at todays prices. Mud sticks for a while. Butter truth washes it away over time. We are patient and happy in knowing thee truth ov who we are ….

Thee journalist, Lottie, says DISCIPLINE is a great track because ov Chris. Now we have ALLWAYS said in interviews and conversations that Chris’ rhythm IS really great, a classic rhythm. We heard it that night at SO36 in Berlin… Chris would play me new rhythms and we’d say Yes we can sing to that, or no… we obviously said yes to this one. Then we said to Sleazy, what shall we sing about tonight? And he said “DISCIPLINE”.., so we went onstage and I invented thee lyrics thee chorus, thee “vocal melody” in real time, onstage improvising in thee momeant… yet this journalist, Lottie, reduces my part to “screams ov Linda Blair” or coumthing. Thee loud crashes are my violin. Sorry butter remove my violin and vocals and it’s a good, even great, rhythm butter would NEVER be thee lasting anthem it is minus vocals, Cosey’s guitar and Sleazy’s tape noises.It would j only be a rhythm.

Thee Guardian journalist, Lottie, also says we ” met avant garde performance artist Cosey Fanni Tutti after dropping out ov Hull University before joining HoHo Funhouse art collective in London” It was May 1969 when we quit University, hitch-hiked to London to see The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park then accepted an ongoing offer to join famed kinetic artist David Medalla’s ” EXPLODING GALAXY” kinetic dance troupe in London. Christine Carol Newby was a lab technician in a Secondary Modern School. Which meant she put utensils, specimens etc on desks of teenagers ready for a TEACHER to give a class including those items. Then she cleared up the desks afterwards. Then thee COUPLE created…blah blah blah. THAT IS FIVE TOTALLY INCORRECT ERRORS IN ONE SENTENCE!!!!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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