A Deeper Look at Soror Hilarion

HeathenHarvest.org posted an interesting piece by Jason O’Toole about Jeanne Robert Foster aka Soror Hilarion. An excerpt reads:

“Who was this Jeanne? Thelemites and sundry other occultists might know her only as one of the pack of Crowley’s ‘Scarlet Women’ with whom he practiced his notorious Sex Magick rituals. Crowley named Jeanne ‘Soror Hilarion,’ or less formally, ‘Cat.’ Of all his consorts and dalliances, Jeanne was the woman he believed he truly loved and with whom he hoped to conceive a male heir.

“She was born Julia Elizabeth Oliver in 1879 to a lumberjack father and a mother who, though educated as a teacher at the Albany Normal School, chose the rugged trail to the North Country. The family homesteaded on the unyielding, rocky terrain formed by the Ice Age. Jeanne spent her formative years in and around Chestertown, New York—a town of three lakes in the Adirondack State Park which, even today, has a population straining to reach 700.”

Read the whole piece:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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