Round 156: Grant Morrison vs. Alan Moore

If anyone still gives a toss, Gizmodo has posted an excerpt of interview with Chaos Magician/media mogul Grant Morrison which appears in Full Bleed Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation about, among other things,  his longstanding, pointless rivalry with Alan Moore — I mean can’t some of this ire go towards a cruel despot somewhere or something? ANYWAY, here’s an excerpt:

“I took potshots at him in the media. I was the first person to say Watchmenwasn’t very good – in fact, the only person to ever say that. And that made him angry so then I would get worse. I said that Watchmen was the 300-page equivalent of a sixth-form poem. That kind of trash talk, I’d brought from being in the band because that’s what you’re like in a band. I’d brought all that across with me to comics and it didn’t go down well. I think it genuinely upset him.”

Read the rest, if you must:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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