Kaaba Colloquium to Return in 2023

It was announced last month that the Kaaba Colloquium will be swinging back into action in 2023. Here’s what’s posted on the OTO-USA.org news page.

“Kaaba Colloquium, a twice-yearly leadership training program offered by U.S. Grand Lodge, will be resumed in 2023. The first planned location is Baltimore. This new version (“Kaaba IV”) will feature a new group of presenters covering material freshly designed for current and aspiring local body leaders. Watch the Kaaba site for more information.”

In the preceding month this announcement appear on the Kaaba site about changes to the presentation:

“The Kaaba Colloquium Leadership Program is proud to announce that we are currently updating our materials to address the needs of U.S.G.L. leaders in preparation for a relaunch after our long hiatus.

These materials will be threefold, and focus on:

  1. foundation

  2. process

  3. leadership

“These will be curated for presentation and discussion in our live, traveling colloquia. The first two will also be made available through the Virtual Kingdom.

“We would like to thank the Kaaba III speakers: Brothers Vere, Hank, and Dionysius, Sisters Eliza and Cathy, and Sorors Alecto and Lutea, and those who served in previous Kaaba incarnations for their many years of service. Most especially we want to express our deep appreciation to Sister Eliza who inspired or mentored many on the incoming team, and to Frater Sabazius who has trusted us to carry on this important work.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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