Janelle Monae on the Run in “Screwed”

Stalker robots in Screwed

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Janelle Monae has a new single out with a visually stunning video to match. “Monáe, Tessa Thompson, Zoë Kravitz, and their crew wake up after a night of drinking and realize they are being stalked by a killer flying robot in “Screwed.” They escape into a party, where they are stalked by enemies as well. While that cat-and-mouse game is being played, Monae sprinkles her futuristic R&B magic on scenes filled with visually stunning outfits and inspiring art.”

The lyrics make statements like this:

Everything is just sex,
except sex, which is power.
You know power is just sex.
Now ask yourself who’s screwing you.

Janelle Monae Continues Her Story In “Screwed”


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