A New Production of The Wake World Opera Slated for 2021

Earlier today, the New York Times announced a new collaboration between Gotham Chamber Opera founder Neal Goren’s new company, Catapult Opera, and Peak Performances at Montclair State New Jersey to produce a series of groundbreaking operas starting in 2020. This will include a new production of David Hertzberg’s opera “The Wake World,” based on the Aleister Crowley poem of the same name. The Times states:

“The following fall [2021], the company will perform David Hertzberg’s ‘The Wake World,’ which had its premiere at Opera Philadelphia in 2017, in a new production by Mary Birnbaum. (Before Gotham closed, it had awarded Mr. Hertzberg, whose music Mr. Goren described as “wildly ecstatic and erotic,” a prize and commission that it could not see through.)”

Tickets to the Philadelphia production sold out quickly but not before tickets were nabbed by OTO notables including Hymenaeus Beta, Soror Hypathia and Richard Kaczynski and select members of Thelesis Oasis. It was STUNNING.

Read the entire NY Times story:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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