Future Perfect – Embracing Mysticism

Published last month, Future Perfect is an account of author Victoria Loustalot’s journey from skepticism to embrace of occult forces  underpinning consensual reality. Salon.com interviewed Miss Loustalot about her investigation. Here’s an excerpt from one of Loustalot’s responses:

“Just because it was unfamiliar to me and my cultural and religious upbringing doesn’t mean that it didn’t have the same amount of depth or historical context as our oldest religious traditions. When you look at the Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and the faiths that may or may not have been my own faith, but that I recognized as having very long, rich historical and cultural traditions, I wouldn’t have previously put anything related to the mystical in that category. That was my first big lesson learned.

“I was coming to the project from a place of . . . I was curious and I was fascinated, but I also was developing a great deal of respect for this world.

“I think that was probably the biggest shift of the book — understanding that I had to give this realm a space and a time and a consideration, that there was nuance here that I hadn’t had any awareness of previously.

“I think by the end of the book, I came away from the project [knowing] there are still con artists, of course. There are still party tricks and magicians. Then there are also people  who really can be of service in terms of helping us understand our purpose and our meaning, and finding direction, and not just peace and acceptance in our lives, but also excitement and expansion.

“I think there are people who find that through religion, through philosophy, through poetry and literature, through music. I think there are also people who find it through these mystical means. I don’t think anyone is better or worse than any other.”

read the whole interview: https://www.salon.com/2019/01/05/a-skeptic-consults-a-psychic-and-an-astrologer-tarot-reader-empaths-and-more/?fbclid=IwAR2gGN3BNJhOE1QcPEvuVEc2OBg3sCeWmdKKcSarY3GyEnZRcKO1e9El7wg.

Amazon’s description of the book says:

“In the months following the breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Victoria Loustalot crossed paths with multiple psychics eager to impart their vision. Persistent and prescient, each one slightly chipped away at Victoria’s innate skepticism. She had to admit that what they knew about her past was eerily accurate. As for her future? She couldn’t shake the feeling that some powerful force in the universe was trying to tell her something and, for once, she ought to listen. Or at least investigate.

“In Future Perfect, Victoria draws on her own personal experience to launch a broader inquiry into the phenomena of psychics, shamans, astrologers, and their fans. Through historical documents and interviews with clairvoyants, seers, and their believers, Victoria opens herself up to the modern mystical complex in cultures and cities around the globe. She pays close attention to what they have to tell us about how we choose to live, what we might be missing out on in the process, and what in the world we’re supposed to do with all that information.”



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