Haden Press Publishing Hoodoo Crossroads Conjure Sorcery

UK occult publisher Hadean Press has released it’s first publication of 202,2 Hoodoo Crossroads Conjure Sorcery by  James Udung. This is part of their ongoing Guides to the Underworld series. The posted description is:

“Hoodoo Sorcery teaches us that a crossroads at midnight is a place of convergence of two realms (that of men and of the spirits). At the crossroads, spirits are met, deals are made, and power is gained. This location belongs to no one and yet to everyone. In Hoodoo Crossroads Conjure Sorcery author and practitioner James Udung discusses the role of the crossroads in Hoodoo folklore as the visible temple of the gatekeepers of the spirits, offers methods for the collection of crossroads dirt, and provides a selection of spells which utilise this powerful space.

“The Kindle edition will be available on Amazon shortly, and the title has also been listed in the EU shop for our European customers.

“This is the first Guide printed with the new cover design (announced here); more will follow as we replenish stock. Our first book of 2022 will be released at the end of this month, and in February we will open pre-orders for the 25th anniversary edition of Steve Savedow’s Goetic Evocation.”

Pick up your copy!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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