Hadean Press 2022 News Update

Hadean Press announced some upcoming publications and events they have a hand in organizing. An excerpt from their most recent news update says:

“Hadean Press now has its very own Youtube channel. At some point, when inspiration strikes, I will upload an introductory video, but you can expect gorgeous book and pamphlet trailers for both old titles and new to begin appearing soon.

“My very optimistic 2022 schedule is feeling the strain, with Clearing the Waters: A Monograph on Saint Cyprian Divination From the 17th to the 19th Century by José Leitão being delayed, and The Supreme Black, Red and Infernal Magic of the Chaldeans and Egyptians by Jonás Sufurino and translated by Steve Savedow still printing, although we have had an update and it is possible the hardcovers will arrive in the warehouse on 24 May. There has been a minor issue with the foiling, so I await another update from the printer with confirmation of the delivery date.

“It isn’t all business here at Hadean Press, and we have commissioned a few fun items for the shop. We have extremely limited available of our new custom embroidered Gigas Devil bookmarks, available in both linen and felt, with more to become available as and when. We have also commissioned the Hadean logo as a sew-on felt patch for those of you who want to join the ranks of Hadean Era magicians.

“I also would like to draw your attention to the second live Magickal Women Conference happening on 15 October 2022 in London. As some of you know, in addition to directing Hadean Press, I am also co-director of the conference, which focuses on women working in the fields of esotericism and the occult. This year we welcome luminaries such as Vivianne Crowley, Manon Hedenborg-White, Sasha Ravitch, Nicola Roffe & Jay Percy, Katarina Pejović, Zoë Howe and others whose lectures and workshops will cover witchcraft, goddesses, storytelling, creative writing, photography, astrology, historical women including Steffi Grant, Evelyn de Morgan, the women of Thelema, and much more. We are currently selling tickets at the early bird rate through 31 May, at which point our summer rate will come into effect. Hadean Press will be vending, as will Kamuret Press, Fulgur Press, Mandrake Books, the Atlantis Bookshop, and more. I’ve just recently posted the day’s schedule over on the Magickal Women Conference website. Dis and I would love to see some of you there.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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