Google Pays Homage to Harry Smith Influence

If you go to today and click on their banner a quote appears from one Oskar Fischinger saying “Music is not limited to the world of sound. There exists a music of the visual world.” Then a screen pops up where you’re able to make your own visual music composition. A lot of fun. Kind of like the Eno “Bloom” app.

And why could that matter to our ilk? Well, as DangerousMinds pointed out:

“Harry Smith, the eccentric experimental filmmaker, artist, anthropologist, bohemian mystic and record collector, first encountered Oskar Fischinger’s animated films in 1947, when he was helping organize the experimental film festival Art in Cinema for the San Francisco Museum of Art. Fischinger’s work had a profound effect on Smith. According to Rani Singh

In fact, one of Smith’s abstract films was titled: “No. 5: Circular Tensions, Homage to Oskar Fischinger (1950)” which you can view here:

Harry, meanwhile, was a Bishop of EGC and his art appears on the Weiser paperback edition of “The Holy Books of Thelema” and perhaps certain Order documents of a particular vintage. If you read “American Magus” – a book of interviews ABOUT Harry Smith, and then Equinox III:10 – you might notice a suspicious overlap in contributors.

So – what are you waiting for – jump down this rabbit hole!

thanks to Soror Amy and her friend Joan for pointing out this banner!

this post dedicated to our beloved OHO

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. Hi, this is a very cropped image here from Fischinger’s Allegretto. Stretched, with bottom of image missing. More about Fischinger at official site,

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