Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Medical Update

WE WISH TO THANK AND YOU ALL. My chosen famille ov Thee One True TOPI Tribe ( OTTT).

MEDICAL UPDATE: Several people have asked how my leukemia is progressing. If that’s thee right word. Unfortunately it is an insidious, long term illness. It can be stable for a while, then suddenly becoum ACUTE and deadly. There is no way even specialists can predict.

We are on daily doses ov new less debilitating chemo than in thee medical past. Still on chemo regimen every day. So many pills we call it “lunch”…We are inevitably losing much ov my once beauty-full thick long hair, butter staying alive and still able to analise and be thinking is worth I.T. ! We still go for weekly or bi-weekly HorsePistol visits to have my blood levels checked. They are relatively stable right now butter I.T. was only in February when a possible side-effect ov my treatments, we will never know, caused me to have a total kidney failure ! So intense and severe that we almost dropped this body. My “cheap suitcase” as Lady Jaye called them. Deathy was very close..! Scary, being fully honest.

We were on dialysis for 3+full daze. A tube going from my jugular vein in my neck to a dialysis machine next to my bed in thee I.C.U. A catheter with bottle hanging off thee bed. We were informed if this bottle didn’t start to fill up with urine, we’d be on dialysis bi-weekly forever and were classed with chronic kidney disease. So many ov you sent healing energies, thoughts and prayers, plus 3 ceremonies were performed by Priests in Togo and Benin. We truly believe it was this incredible outpouring that saved my L-if-E…Never have we wanted, prayed, to need to pee so much ! Never has peeing been so critically important to me. Happily thee bottle, VERY SLOWLY, was half filled up by thee fourth or fifth day and we were eventually blessed with being taken OFF thee dialysis machine indefinitely.

Those were a dark 2 weeks in thee HorsePistol for me though. So incredibly aware ov mortality and its shadow constantly hovering over me. Having a tube put into your neck is brutally uncoumfortable and disturbing. We spent those daze so sick we could not walk anymore, nor sit up by my SELF. We were helpless as a new born baby. Very vulnerable to infection. My legs had swollen to about 4-5 times their usual skinny size with all thee fluid my kidneys were failing to process, which was poisoning my system. We wouldn’t wish this cancer on anyone.

Having said that, feeling and seeing thee amazing support so many ov you have demonstrated week after week confirms my belief in thee inate goodness ov humanE beings, especially thee One True TOPI Tribe. Slowly thee swelling ov my legs was reduced, in no small part thanks to long, gentle massages by Susana (Vico Valero) every evening. We slept with my feet raised on pillows to help move thee fluid up my legs. Walking was shockingly hard. We practiced by slowly walking up and down thee living room with my African Voudon cane and my daughter Genesse assisting me. She had flown in from California to take care ov me 24×7 during my initial recovery. As thee daze and weeks went by we could walk incrementally further. After Genesse had to return home, Susana took over as my 24×7 caregiver. All thee members ov Psychic TV/PTV3 visited me in thee HorsePistol and fully supported me in my fight against this CMML Leukemia.

We’d had to cancel tours and other creative plans indefinitely butter their only concern has been my survival and best possible health. Playing last week at thee amazing MOOGFEST was am experiment. Testing thee waters, seeing how my strength might hold up. By resting all thee time for a day before and afterwards we were able to perform for a really fabulous, encouraging audience. All thee band played brilliantly for an hour, rather than our usual two and a half or more, butter I.T. worked. My voice held up, though gone are thee daze ov my shamanic dancing. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to predict if we play again, and if we do, it’s likely to only be one-offs, or possibly two at thee maximum. We are too weak to imagine more than that and there is no way to know when my condition becoums critical. Onstage, however, in thee theatre in Durham, North Carolina, sharing an hour ov celebration with so many ov you re-MINDed me why we do Psychic TV/ PTV3… it is to be with you. Our people, our magical beings, our chosen ones, our extended famille. Seeing smiles, dancing, laughter at our silly jokes, surrounded by our wonder-full musicians, John, Alice, Jeff and Edley playing their hearts out for you all,with Sam Zimmerman’s video lightshow pulsing on a huge screen, this brings my heart joy. This is my hope materialised for a creative future, founded in activated BIG L-ov-E…so

Thank You All,

Djin GEN

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. I wish you Onederful energy in every cell and much cosmic love! Thank you for taking time to tell us how you are. We love you and appreciate you… ceaselessly.

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