Futurist Witchcraft From an East Asian Perspective

Spell Bound is a new book by Chaweon Koo. Koo’s FB page says:

“Yes, hi…”SPELL BOUND” is my book on futurist witchcraft, with a strong East Asian perspective (because I’m Korean 🇰🇷). It has 50+ illustrations commissioned uniquely for this book, and typesetting that I asked to be more evocative – it’s pretty to look at.”

The description posted at Penguin Random House Books says:

“Peer past the veil into the modern witch’s world.

“Explore magic’s past and navigate its future in a world where ancient groves meet silicon.

“A guide for any beginning witch, Spell Bound dips into the occult from the unique perspective of Eastern and Western magics colliding. Chaweon Koo takes us through history, magical foundations, deities, astrological influences, and magic’s future in a digital world, teaching us to harness the powers of our ancestors while embracing the changes around us, to practice our witchcraft at its fullest.…”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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