founding High Priestess of The Church of Satan Celebrated Her Greater Feast

Stanton LaVey posted this about his grandmother Diane Hegarty-LaVey on FB:
Yesterday July 23rd at 2:45pm my grandmother, founding High Priestess of The Church of Satan, Diane Hegarty-LaVey, passed on to another realm. She had just turned 80 years old. She knew her time was near, as did I and those closest to her. For those of you who don’t know, she took over my care when I was just 15 years old and later adopted me legally after my mother, Diane’s daughter, disowned me. After years with my mother at her narcissistic worst, my grandmother was an island of sanity. She made sure I got to move back to the bay area, where my fondest memories were, to resume school and develop into a not perfect, but nonetheless interesting young man. During my teens my grandmother mastered the craft of graphology and after high school, I enrolled in the same class as her, and graduated. We were close throughout my life and I have far more pleasurable memories of times spent with “grandma” as I always called her, than I ever had with Zeena. I will always remember with fondness the trips she took me on, always making efforts to show me that life has more to offer than it seems like it does on the surface. With Zeena out of the picture, that makes me her next of kin. Something I am and will always be very proud of being. I love you forever grandma. Your grandson & son, Stanton
I will be writing a longer story explaining the significance of my grandma in my life and posting it to my website, then sharing it here after I do.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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