First Two Installments of Lita-Luise Chappell’s Reynard Trilogy Available NOW!

The Collioure Concealment and The Murder of the Mythras Nun are the first two installments of a trilogy authored by OTO initiate Lita-Luise Chappell. The third installment, The Cypriot Secret, will be published 2018. The Amazon description of the former states:

On the southeast coast of France, just north of the Spanish border, lies the quaint seaside village of Collioure. There, a chance meeting takes place between Chante Morgan, an American divorcee, and Lucien Reynard, a sergeant based at Fort Miradou atop the hillside above Collioure. Their romance turns into a dangerous adventure when they discover a Templar secret under the town. Lucien enlists the help of his assistant, Alerion Bellamy, and his father, history professor Gervais Reynard. Chante, Lucien and Gervais eventually realize they have discovered a treasure worth more than gold. But they are not the only ones who want it. At the same time, an elusive thief is operating in the area, Alerion disappears, and a body is washed up on the beach. Could these crimes be related to the discovery of the treasure? Chief Souveterre of the Collioure Police must wade through a string of lies, deception and betrayal, in order to catch the thief, the kidnapper, and finally the murderer.

The Amazon description of the latter notes:

In this second volume of the Reynard Trilogy, Chante and Lucien are about to celebrate their second wedding anniversary when Lucien’s father, Gervais, a well-known European historian, and Chante, his full-time research assistant, are hired to identify a Byzantine princess whose tomb has been discovered in the ancient Greek city of Mystras. Lucien, now an inspector who investigates art and antiquities smuggling, goes along to help. While Chante and Gervais dig through historical files and old chronicles to answer the mystery of the princess’ identity, Lucien entertains himself by reading a Venetian detective’s diary about a nun who was murdered in Mystras in 1715. Caught up in the story of that investigation, Lucien discovers there is more to the tale than just murder, for clues found within the narrative lead all three of them on another surprising historical search. When they finally decide to follow the biblical stories illustrated on the frescoed walls of an ancient Greek Orthodox church, they discover a secret that that could change the world’s understanding of one of the most significant religious stories of all time.

The Collioure Concealment is now available on Kindle now and the second title will be as well in the near future. You can order both via Amazon:

The Collioure Concealment:

Murder of the Mystras Nun:

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