Introducing Thelemic Rapper SickTanick

Rapper/producer SickTanick recently performed at Notocon XI which was held in Altamonte Springs, FL. SickTanick is an initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis and a number of his songs boast overtly Thelemic themed lyrics.

His most recent album release is Occulus Omnia; his newest single is “Sinematic” which can be viewed here: This song does not boast overtly Thelemic lyrics but videos posted alongside at YT do.

His bio states:

“Bringing A unique mixture of Rap, Industrial, Metal since 2005, Colorado based entertainer SickTanicK has been a staple of the underground hip-hop genre “Horrorcore” originally hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico, he is the founder of SKR – Serial Killin Records, one of the most prominent and popular labels in the Hip-Hop Sub-Genre. Accumulating a “Cult” like following and coining the term for his own style called “Occult Rap”. SickTanicK has been an instrumental figure in shaping the genre as a whole by being one of the most prominent and sought after producers by some of the most elite and popular names in it.”

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Twitter & Instagram : @sicktanick
Snapchat : Sickone666
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