Donate to the Continuing Reconstruction of Boleskine House

The Boleskine House Foundation posted this on FB today:
“When many thought Boleskine incapable of repair, we saw a piece of history that deserved to be saved. Many thought us mad or simply dreamers, thinking that this could never be accomplished.
“To those people we say this. Judge us not by our words but the fruit of our labours.
“We are proving that this is possible. We are proving that by coming together we CAN do this. We are proving that where there is a Will there is a way.
We can only do this together. We must raise money for the slate work to ensure this work continues. We can only do this with your help. Without the Boleskine community we cannot do this and we do not want work to stop when we have come this far.
“Can you help with a donation today? Anyone donating can come and visit for free and see the value of your donation at work as we rebuild this landmark building together

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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