Christian Minister Teaches Hoodoo

The latest episode of the Witches and Wine podcast features Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis, a Christian minister teaches hoodoo and works with the Orishas.


Rev. Davis’ Hoodoo class starts Dec. 6, 2021.The posted description says:

“Hoodoo. Rootwork. Conjure.

“Each of these names references a remarkable and distinctly American magical system rooted in West African Congo spirituality. The original spiritual practices of the enslaved Africans were disrupted by American slavery – but not destroyed. Like the Africans themselves, the magical practices had to adapt in order to survive. Displaced Africans’ encounters with First Nation medicine-men, Appalachian conjurers and Jews caused their indigenous magical system to continually evolve and syncretize into the fascinating eclectic practice that exists today.

“Many people are drawn to rootwork, but hesitate to explore it out of fear that it is “not for them,” or because they have heard that the courses available simply skim the surface without truly exploring the essence of the practice.

“In Working the Roots: Introduction to Rootwork,  Rev. Dr. Aaron Davis expertly guides you into the world of hoodoo, spirit work, and folk magic, with a heavy emphasis on working with your ancestors. A rootworker of 16 years, Rev. Doc Aaron has drawn from his extensive experience to create a course of rare quality that combines hands-on practice with in-depth study, offering this work that can be truly transformative. Rev. Doc Aaron has designed a class in which EVERONE is welcome, regardless of race or spiritual persuasion. His course will help you learn to think like a rootworker and develop the adaptive consciousness so important to practicing Hoodoo.”

*Course includes weekly videos, written lessons, and an optional interactive Facebook group community!

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