Article on Kenneth Grant Available for ONE DAY in Honor of His Birthday

In commemoration of the birthday of the late Kenneth Grant’s birthday, WhollyBooks is making this article on the Typhonian Order founder available for ONE DAY ONLY. The article first appeared in New Dawn, No.156, May-June 2016.

Access it here:

and here’s more at Wikipedia:

Grant was a student of the Prophet of the Lovely Star and acted as his personal secretary for a while and was initiated into O.T.O.  A decade or so after Crowley’s death, Grant was expelled from the Order by OHO Karl Germer.  He would found his own order which eventually was called the Typhonian Order which promulgated his interpretation of Crowley’s teachings which featured a number of controversial additions. Recently we had dinner with Brother Azi Rasa who corresponded with Grant as a youth who noted that the latter was consistently genial and encouraging; in his opinion, while some of Grant’s scholarship was somewhat questionable at tunes, his abilities and insight as a working magician were impressive and visionary.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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