A New Exhibit Digs Into The Story of Stonehenge

Associated Press recently ran a news story about a new exhibit revolving around the huge Neolithic site we know as Stonehenge, being hosted at the British Museum in London. The exhibit brings together many of the  discoveries that have led to a better understanding of the culture that produced Stonehenge and creates better understanding of the geographical context it was located in which was in fact filled with ritual sites. The article begins:

“For a monument that has been drawing crowds for thousands of years, Stonehenge still holds many secrets.

“The stone circle, whose giant pillars it is estimated took 1,000 people to move, was erected between 5,000 and 3,500 years ago on a windswept plain in southwest England. Its purpose is still debated: Was it a solar calculator, a cemetery, a shrine?

“A new exhibition at the British Museum in London unravels some of the mystery — Stonehenge was, at times, all those things. But the exhibition’s bigger goal is bringing to life the sun-worshipping and surprisingly sophisticated people who built it.

“’We all feel we know Stonehenge,’ lead curator Neil Wilkin said Tuesday. ‘We drive past it on A303 (the highway), and we visit as schoolchildren or bring our kids to see it. But often we don’t know much, or feel like we don’t know much, about the world, the people who built the monument and who came to worship at the monument.’

“’The World of Stonehenge’ exhibition assembles more than 430 objects from across Europe to explore the monument’s creators and their world. It was a time of radical change that saw technological advances, large-scale migration and social transformation.”

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thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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