Here’s an excerpt from the latest edition of Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter.

In just two more days, on September 29th, its Michaelmas – the feast of St Michael. Since Michael is an angel he has no date of birth or death to link his feast to. Instead, the Mass of St Michael is celebrated to commemorate the defeat of Lucifer and the armies of Hell. Through the Christian lens, this is triumph of good over evil, holiness over diabolism, and obedience to God over rebellion.

But of course, we are Sorcerer’s and Witches, so even if we honor Michael the protector (and to be clear many Pagans and Witches I know sing the praises of Michaels power), we need to also see things the other way round. 


This Wednesday on Michaelmas, first thing in the morning I will light a red Candle in front of Michael’s statue, and honor him and all the Archangels with offerings and prayers. I will do an invocation that places all nine of the heavenly choirs under his direction and name those I wish to be protected from both harm and temptation.  Late Wednesday night though, I will approach that same statue, but direct my attention to the figure at the bottom.

The moment of Michael’s triumph is the final moment of Lucifers fall. The Passion of Lucifer if you will. Just as Christ suffered on the cross for our redemption, Lucifer suffers for our Freedom. Order is good, but too much of it becomes a nightmare of restriction. Think of all the people throughout history that have been under the boot of the inquisition. Think of all the people even now that Churches condemn for “sins” that harm no one. Under that boot could indeed be evil or poisonous temptation, but it could also be science or sexuality or sorcery.

I will anoint the head of Lucifer on that statue and provide succor. At that moment, the devil always looks a bit like he is rising up, rather than being trampled down.

Legend tells that the Lucifer fell into a Blackberry bush when he crashed to earth, to commemorate this event I will drink a glass of blackberry wine, and take refuge in that dangerous freedom he represents.

I take refuge in the Devil, fallen for freedoms sake
I take refuge in the Witchcraft, path of wisdom made power
I take refuge in the Damned, cast out, fallen, and forsaken

May all beings have freedom and the causes of freedom
May all beings be free from slavery and the causes of slavery
May all beings enjoy the freedom that knows no slavery
May all beings live deliciously, free from ignorance and oppression.

If you are brave enough to do this spell in a Church, I have instructions for you to follow HERE

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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