Veil Gazing Exercise

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s installment of Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter. Yep this is late.

In my work I like to focus on intense trainings but not all spirit skills require discipline and training. Some are little tricks of perception that you can do anywhere at any time. Even right now reading this newsletter.

Try this, right now as you read it.
STEP 1: Look straight ahead of you. It doesn’t matter what is in front of you, anything from a sprawling vista to wall will do. Just look.

STEP 2: Imagine that everything in front of you is actually on a video screen or a painting. Pretend you are staring at  2-dimensional representation of what you see. It looks the same of course, just as it would if you were looking at a High Def screen that took up your whole view. But KNOW in your head that it is just a screen.

STEP 3: Consider what is on the other side of that screen. Listen closely. Reach out with your feelings. Can you sense it? Something on the other side?

What this simple exercise does is collapse our normal sensation of 3 dimensions of space, down to 2 dimensions, leaving a mental “slot” open for us to perceive something we normally don’t.

A Warning: for as simple as this exercise is, it has caused momentary nausea or dizzuness in some students who try it. Others have been panicked by the sense of feeling beyond ordinary space, and the sensation that something might be looking back. As always, you have to monitor what you can and can’t handle.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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