Latest News on Genesis P-Orridge’s Medical Condition

As some of ye may know, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has been battling leukemia for a while now. Recently his/her health took a turn for the worse and s/he was admitted to the hospital with acute renal failure. Here’s the latest straight from Gen Gen’s fingertips:

“We have wonderfull news to share.!!! In January we were admitted in an acute emergency to thee ICU at thee HorsePistol that is treating my leukemia cancer. My weekly blood tests showed my kidneys had stopped working coumpletely in a renal failure. My blood pressure was almost gone it was so low. Thee amazing nurses and doctors worked on me in thee ICU, inserting a tube with valves directly into my jugular vein on my neck. It took 20-30 minutes to get right and was very uncoumfortable and SCARY. From there all my blood was sent to a dailysis machine which was on 24 hours a day. All ov you rallied around with your positive projections, Beings did rituals, 3 ceremonies ov healing took place in West Africa, my small beauty full chosen famille took turns watching over me in an ongoing vigil. Then we just had to wait and “…see if your kidneys manage to repair themselves and coum back.!” After 3 full daze ov non-stop dialysis we began to pee a little again. We were taken off dialysis to see if that would push my kidneys to work again. Very slowly, day by day they came back. After 3 weeks we were discharged having been diagnosed as having chronic kidney damage. We were told to coum back in 3 weeks, which was today. My blood tests last Wednesday were good. My leukemia is stable, and my Oncologists said my kidneys seemed stronger than before my collapse…Today, accoumpanied by Susana, was thee 3 week visit to thee kidney clinic. Thee two doctors/specialists said my kidneys are back to normal coumpletely and we don’t have to go back for any more check ups unless we have another random crisis one day.!!! Amazing. Everyone seems quite surprised, even shocked, that my kidneys have renewed themselves. We just think of thee thousands ov people urging me to health, all thee sigils, all thee ceremonies, all thee BIG
L-ov-E…and we smile thankfully. THANK YOU ALL…

“NOW we have to still deal with thee cancer in my bones. We haven’t been able for around 6 weeks to take any chemo in case it set back my kidney recovery. We will know this week
what thee next step will be. It will be tough, grueling, difficult, so please keep up your great works on my behalf. A battle “won” butter a war still to win. Thee most positive aspect ov all this is how thee existence ov thee One True TOPI Tribe has been revealed. IT was already in place quietly, fueled by coumpassion and discreet generosity. We are so so proud ov you all and all you have done for me. We still need your support in every way ( Chandra Shukla has begun a new GoFundMe to keep me stabilised in thee outside worlds ov darkness and economics.Check it out) Butter what we keep recalling is thee tenet ov thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth:-


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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