Presentations at Workshop on Literature and Esotericism Being Held at University of Gothenburg

Henrik Bogdan recently posted a list of papers being presented at the workshop on Literature and Western Esotericism being held May 4-5, at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“Describing the Non-Communicable: Imagination, Dreams and Experiential Knowledge in Occultist Literature”
Henrik Bogdan

“Knowing as Revelation and Poetic Reason in María Zambrano’s book ‘The Blessed'”
Karolina Enqvist Källgren

“‘Wanderers of the Paths of the Soul’: Esotericism, Elitism and Secrecy in the Work of Stanislaw Przybyszewski”
Per Faxneld

“Zanoni’s Daughters: Marie Corelli and the Woman’s Occult Bildungsroman at the Fin de Siècle”
Christine Ferguson

“In That Old Familiar Way: Traditionalism and Twentieth Century Utopian Fiction”
Christian Giudice

“The Black Pilgrimage and the Child of Night: Fiction and the Magical Universe of Jack Parsons”
Manon Hedenborg-White

“Spoofing Esotericism: Frank Heller’s Novel ‘Andarna och Furustolpe’ (The Spirits and Furustolpe) and His Short Stories on Séances”
Dag Hedman

“Occult Novels and How to Read Them”
Henrik Johnsson

“An Esoteric Vision of the World or a ‘Shlock Novel’? Effect and Function in Gustav Meyrink’s ‘The Golem'”
Sten Wistrand

“Esoteric Encounters: Queen of Sheba in Solomon’s Temple (Gérard de Nerval’s ‘Voyage en Orient’, 1851)”
Andreas Önnerfors

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