Wrapping up the O.T.O.-ing on Purpose Posts

In the last post, I realized that the topics I was exploring in the USGL Mission and Planning document had gone from “Things that we can help with” to “Things we have done and implemented.” As Frater IAO131 commented, “So… Go to Kaaba?” would have been about all I needed to say in that post, because Kaaba had absorbed most of the items I addressed from the Strategic Plan.

The rest of the sections in the planning document are in a similar state. Almost all of the items have been completed, or been turned into Standard Operating Procedures, or simply don’t seem to need any additional help. Any further exploration of that document would just be bragging about what the Order’s been up to. Which is fun to do too, of course, so definitely take a look at the remaining sections to see how they have addressed improvements to Initiations, Ecclesiastical Standards, Training, Grand Lodge Library Content and Access, Communications within the Order, Building a Stronger Fraternal Community, and Developing Constructive Relationships.


Many of the objectives and strategies have been implemented, and will require the ongoing attention of people within the Order to keep this success going. If you see something that appeals to you, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, and let them know who you are and that you want to help.  These are rarely “one and done” programs and projects, and the committees are always in need of fresh minds, insights, and people with time on their hands who are looking for things to do.


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