Untitled Poem By Aleister Crowley 1943

Untitled Poem

By Aleister Crowley

I often wish I could divine
What’s in this funny head of mine,
This complicated tangled brain
That is? is
not? or is it? sane.
No one has ever understood
Why I was never any good,
Or why my diamond brilliance
Was dulled by casual circumstance.
To further the dear cause of Knowledge
I leave my cranium to the College
Of Surgeons: they:- unless too lazy –
Will find why I was three parts crazy
And on the whole a perfect daisy,
But far from our Examplar J. C.
Blast! that solution wont get past
It’s ”sicklied o’er with the pale cast
Of doubt” – Being dead. I may know
What engine made the damn’ thing go.

From a diary entry of October 24th 1943 e.v., Royal Court Diary Series.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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