Worshipper and Revellers Had to Social Distance From Stonehenge

Among events impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemoic was this year’s celebration of the Summer Solstice at the Neolithic ritual complex of Stoneheng. The Guardian covered folks’s feelings and the alternative ways they would mark Solistice. The article begins:

“In normal times, many thousands of people – druids, hippies, nature-lovers, party-goers – would be converging on Stonehenge and Glastonbury to celebrate the summer solstice this weekend.

“Not this year. The coronavirus crisis means that the modern-day custodians of the two sites are asking people to stay away and mark this most special of sunsets and dawns elsewhere.

“’It is a shame,’ said Katherine Eastwood-Rogers, who works in the Stones Cafe at Amesbury, the nearest town to Stonehenge, and has been attending solstices since she was a child.

“’It’s a great time of year. Amesbury is suddenly at the centre of the world. You get all sorts arriving in the town, from foreign visitors to druid chiefs. We’re missing out on most of that this year.’”

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Thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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