Money Magic and Scams

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s Magick Monday Newsletter from Jason Miller.

lets talk about a danger that Money Magic can open you up to, that a student nearly succumbed to last week. 

Money Magic and Scams

A couple weeks ago I got an e-mail from a student thanking me because. “I just got a check for almost $1600 from a company i never heard of. Been doing that Rite of General Offering from The Sorcerers Secrets daily for a month not missing a day. That shit is REAL man.” 

He wrote to thank me, but sadly I was about to piss in his cornflakes. I told him that money magic would almost never just generate a check out of the blue with no cause or conditions behind it. I pointed out that there are many scammers out there who send checks like this, then start a scam after you have deposited it.  Read more on it HERE and HERE.

He had already deposited the check, so I told him to check and make sure it wasn’t the result of a class action suit, but to not spend a dime of that money until he knew how it came about. Sure enough, the check was cancelled but he didn’t spend any of the money and alerted the bank to the possible mistake, so he didn’t fall for it.

But what does this say about magic?

Here are four lessons from this that I think are good to take in:

1. Magic CAN work weird miracles, but its not the norm, especially with larger goals. If something extraordinary happens, it requires extraordinary proof. LESSON: don’t let your excitement at the magical result over-ride your skepticism. 

2. The check could very well have been the result of the general offering rite, which is really just a way of greasing the wheels of life by making a wide offering to the spirits. Some spirits looked at him wanting extra money, then looked at the available avenues for manifestation and BAM – here’s a check. The spirits are neither omniscient nor omnipotent. Faith that they will always handle your business for you in a way that you will like is misplaced. LESSON: Evaluate the results you get, and do accept results that you don’t actually want. 

3. If you want something to manifest: arranging your life in a way that it can manifest will help. If you have a fixed salary, no positions you can get promoted to open, and no time for a side hustle, Where do you think the spirits are going to manifest that money from? Experience tells me that there is a better than even shot you won’t like it. LESSON: Make your life more enchantable. 

4. If you are desperate, the very first thing you need to do is not act desperate.  I have been there folks, and this is HARD. But, it’s essential. Even if you are Homeless and Hungry, looking homeless and hungry are going to be some of your biggest obstacles to sorting that out. If you are desperately pleading with the spirits they will act desperately and make drastic and sometimes devastating decisions. To be clear, I am not saying this student was, but even the best of us do sometimes. I have, and so have other capable magicians. LESSON: Be cool 

I could go on with lessons. For instance relationships with trusted spirits that you interact with regularly usually will yield results that don’t trip you up.  But all that comes with time. For now though keep an eye on your results and keep these lessons in mind.

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