Women’s Reactions to Sex Work

Pole dancers

“I don’t have to tip you, I have a vagina too!”

“Strippers love female customers, we are way better than gross sweaty men.”

“How could you denigrate your body like that?”

“What made you do this?”

If you hear yourself using these phrases around strippers or other sex workers, you may not be as much of a feminist as you think. If you think the image used for this article is degrading, if you assume the worst about someone just because they are in sex work, or if you think someone in sex work can neither be harassed nor raped, you need to think about your feminism, especially as it relates to Liber Oz.

Elle Stanger elaborates: “How do you feel about sex work? If you’re inclusive in your feminism you understand that everyone should be born with full ownership of their body and their time. I appreciate you, and you need read no further! But for the American women who hashtag their pole classes with #notastripper, or who still think that strippers are funny as the butt of a Tina Fey joke, you’ve got a long way to go, baby.”

I’m a Sex Worker Who Is Sick of Female Misogyny.


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