Wolfpack23 Album Raising Funds for Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Medical Expenses

Sean Kissling posts on FB:

“Wolfpack23 Volume 1 is an album ov independent artists, raising money to help towards thee medical costs for Genesis P Orridge, who currently has Leukemia. A radical performance artist, inventor ov Industrial music, pioneer ov Acid House, writer, collage artist and counter culture icon…it`s safe to say S/he is one ov thee most important artists ov He/r generation.

“Volume 1 is available from Bandcamp and i-tunes and contains 23 great tracks, including our own Skulldrums vs Captain Ergot “Mk Ultra”. You can buy individual tracks or thee whole album, and Volume 2 is well on thee way to completion on Bandcamp as well and also contains a track by yours truly, called “Here Comes Billy Soulmates”.
So there you go….trat yourself and do something worthwhile at thee same time

“Love is the law and big luv n hugs to you all Xx93xX”

no link was provided but you can probably Search for “Wolfpack” at Bandcamp and find it.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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  1. Thanks for the promo.
    It’s available at wolfpack23.bandcamp.com and soon via iTunes etc. had a few hiccups on that front with digital resellers insisting on certain changes (band name capitalization, not stating on the cover that it’s a benefit album for Genesis, etc.) A pain, but all should be fixed now, and release is imminent.

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