Grains of Salt, and Thelema?

This screencap from Grains of Salt shows a person writing in their journal

Seattle band Tacocat releases new album This Mess is a Place on May 3, and the track “Grains of Salt” brings us flavors of Thelema. Says vocalist Emily Nokes, “This song is for roller skating, friendship, self friendship, yes and no doubt, turning it off, running up and down that hill, leaving gross stuff behind, landing the backflip, imposter syndrome, being your own genie, and remembering who the fuck you are.”

Writing for Paste, Helen Moga expands:

As for This Mess Is a Place, the feminist-punk outfit’s fourth full-length album sees the Seattle band, like many artists these days, ruminating on life in the time of Trump. Most importantly, though, their political observations shine with an overall message of hope—and, suitably, this new record also promises a more poppy sound. As Nokes so beautifully puts it: “We can examine some hard stuff, make fun of some evil stuff, feel some soft feelings, feel some rage feelings, feel some bitter-ass feelings, sift through memories, feel wavy-existential, and still go get a banana daiquiri at the end.”

This Mess Is A Place is available May 3 on Sub Pop. Tacocat tour dates begin May 9 in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can get more details in the following articles, or through the Tacocat website. “Don’t forget to remember who the fuck you are.”


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