What To Do When Magick Isn’t Working

Here’s an excerpt from today’s installment of Jason Miller’s weekly Magick Monday Newsletter.

What do you do when a piece of magic isn’t working for you anymore? This is what we answer today…. 

The Cashbox Fire. 

“This morning a great question came in on the Strategic Sorcery group: ” I created the Jupiterian cash box a while ago, and haven’t really put to use or maintained (as well as I should). What should I do if I want to get into Jupiteer cash box again? Start a new one – or just reinvigorate by cleansing and repowering, re-invoking? What would *you* do?”

I face this kind of thing in my own practice all the time. I had something that I was going to keep up with and really work hard and then…. I didn’t.

Not because I am lazy or have no discipline mind you, but because you simply can’t actually dedicate yourself to everything that seems like a good idea at the time. The Cashbox in particular was a ritual I wrote about 10 years ago, and I worked that sucker for years before I wrote about it, so I knew that it worked. Since then well over 100 students have sent me field reports and pictures of their Jupiterian Cashbox. I suspect that most of them paid off for their makers in the years after they made them, but that even most of those are now collecting dust.

So what did I advice this student?

First, figure out what exactly it is that I am applying Jupiter to. What is it that brings wealth and joy into your life and what are the ways that you are working to make it better, happier, and more in service to freedom?

Once you figure that out I would light a fire for Jupiter, and praise him through Hymns and Invocations. At the end of every invocation I would ladle offerings into the fire: Meats, Sugars, Woods Petitions. Everything that you hope and dream for yourself and your project.

Then put the cashbox in the fire….


Because it didn’t work for you. It’s not that the magic was bad, but that the process of feeding a cashbox and circulating the money did not work for you. That book was written 11 years ago, and my actual cashbox was made years before that. Who uses cash now?

Collect ashes from the fire. If you live in a house encircle the house with the ashes and make four small circles at the four corners of your house for the four virtue goddesses. If you live in an apartment, mix the ashes with paint and paint a seal of Jupiter to put up in your place.

Figure out some other magic that you WILL be more likely to keep up with and integrate the ashes in that. Mix it with other herbs and use it as a powder where you work, or where to hope to make deals.

Then start thinking about how your money actually moves in 2021 and think about what the equivalent of the cashbox process would be to enchant that. 

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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