What Magick Sucks At

Here’s a tidbit from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday newsletter:

“The psychological Model of Magic held sway for a LONG time. Anything that was not visible and or verifiable by physical experiment belonged to the mind, and so, people thought did magic. Make no mistake, mind is important in magic, as it is for all things, but what magic is good at effecting can be more physical than people believe. Sorcery influences probability and minds, but it does not, without extreme measures, completely control either. A spell to get someone to be nicer to you at work will likely influence their view of you a bit, and create circumstances that make you look better. A seduction ritual might set conditions where someone is open to your charms, and lead you to the things that person finds attractive. A ritual to dominate an opponent in court might cause them to get befuddled by getting them sick or missing morning coffee, while setting you on your A-game.

There is something magic sucks at though: changing habits. 

Every week someone asks me how to magic away their eating habits, substance addiction, financial set-point, or any number of things that require a deep and sustained re-programming of habitual tendency.  Not just how magic can help: but how a spell can “just do it”so that its effortless and instant.

It can’t. 

“On the rare occasions a spell for changing a habit does work, it’s not simply by changing your mind, its by setting up a confrontation where there is no choice but to change. Disease where you can’t eat for weeks, impending bankruptcy or homelessness, sudden loss of enabling people and conditions. These are scenarios where you change or descend into failure and despair, but the work of changing the habit is still on you.

“Meditation helps a lot. Spirits help a lot. Energy practices and Yoga help a lot. Magic can help make better conditions to do this work in, but it’s YOU that has to do the work. It’s hard work for sure, but there is no spell that will do it for you. This goes doubly for the habits of other people. I wish you could just throw magic to get family off drugs, or slow down on the bacon, or take a shower once in a while. but you can’t. That’s on them.  You can help them along maybe, but what is true for mundane interventions is also true for magical ones: if they don’t want to be helped yet, you probably con’t help them.

So for REAL LONG-GAME STRATEGIC SORCERY that changes your life, you will probably have to change some habits. Magic can help, but it’s not gonna to it. ”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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