What if Your Beliefs Don’t Matter? 

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter:

“I was explaining what I saw as good in Christianity to someone the other day, and essentially how i thought that doctrine of grace and unqualified salvation applies to everyone. My friend said: ‘To everyone who believes that is…’ I said ‘No. Everyone. I don’t think your beliefs matter’.

“Every day I get questions in my courses about cosmological details that are unknowable in any real way. There can be no proof, so really the question is about beliefs, but I actually try my best not to worry about that. I have ideas about the nature of the universe, and the gods, and spirits, but the only thing I am pretty darn SURE of is that there is more to it than I know. I really don’t think many dieties care about your belief in them. If you pray to them, and make an offering, that is an action that is pleasing, the details of your beliefs about it are less important. I tend to avoid people who demand I believe in them or have blind faith, and…. well it’s the same for spirits.

“Some people thing magic requires belief. It doesn’t. Its your actions that make magic, not your beliefs. Even purely mental magic like concentrating on a Definite Chief Aim…. its the action of keeping that AIM in the mind that makes the magic, not belief.

“In politics I see people spending INCREDIBLE amounts of time crafting what they are FOR and AGAINST, and debating these things endlessly. Unless you are running for office or are taking some action based upon these… your beliefs don’t matter. You have the best intentions, but if you actions lead to disaster, no one really cares what you believed would happen. Same with magic, Same with life.

“I don’t even know what made me write this message today, but it’s a question that I think more people should ask themselves. What is my beliefs about X don’t matter? ”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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