The Wulfing Sex Cult

Who doesn’t like to read about utopian cults with non-mainstream doctrines regarding sex? Here’s the tale of the cult that functioned at Zendik farm, founded by someone with the ominous name “Wulfing” (this name appears in Beowulf, as Prince Beo’s father kills a member of this warrior clan out of wartime and faced a hefty fine for doing so, which the king of Denmark paid off — hence Beo’s killing of Grendel was to pay off that debt of honor). An excerpt says:

“Zendik Farm was founded in 1969, in the high desert east of Los Angeles, by Wulf and Arol Zendik (formerly Larry Wulfing and Carol Merson). The two hoped to empower artists like themselves to thrive on collaboration and creativity, and practice radical honesty, while opting out of what they saw as the suicidal, ecocidal American mainstream. In other words, they desired to live tribally—which, to Wulf, meant riving the pair bond.

“’Possessive attitudes about sex,’ he wrote, ‘lead to jealousy, hostility, hate, violence, murder.’ His solution? Extend the weave of intimate belonging and interdependence beyond the couple; relocate responsibility to provide from the pair to the tribe; free those in partnerships from the compulsion to cling to one another, for the sake of survival.”

Read the entire account:

thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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