Were The Beatles Paying Tribute To Aleister Crowley?

There are a lot of crackpot theories regarding . The Memoirs of Billy Shears by Thomas E. Uharriet claims that The Beatles were a tool of a Freemasonic conspiracy to turn teenagers away from God and to the Satanic hedonism of the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle; when Paul McCartney demurred they whacked him and replaced him with the lead singer from Billy & The Pepperpots, after a bit of plastic surgery. Mr. Uharriet is supposedly Sir Paul’s replacement looking to get the word out — without just oing on GMA and just coming out and saying it (unless you’re down with the conspiracy theory it doesn’t really add up. AND HERE’S ANOTHER being floated by UK’s bastion of responsible journalist The Telegraph:

“On its release, one of the theories about the album was that it was a covert tribute to occultist Aleister Crowley: that the mysterious Sgt Pepper was Crowley. This flowed from the fact Crowley features in Peter Blake and Jann Haworth’s iconic cover art and from the (false) rumour that the LP hit record stores on what would have been Crowley’s birthday.”

Read the whole thing:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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