Want to treble your income?

Venus O'Hara displays a vibrator

Want an easy way to increase your income, get success, and make all your dreams come true?

Just have a wank.

What a way to start an article! According to Metro, Venus O’Hara (is that her real name?) recommends the power of masturbation to increase one’s income. This is a form of sex magick with which many practitioners are familiar, but seeing it in the tabloid press was a bit unexpected.

‘For example, if I want something, I imagine what it feels and looks like and to make that desire stronger, I stimulate myself. I will be really thinking about the intention. It takes me 45 minutes each day and it has completely changed my life.’

Venus says that her orgasm method has helped her to get her dream apartment and treble her income.

She started by imagining her bank balance increasing while having an orgasm, and says that she was given more work immediately after that.

‘I have cleared all my debts,’ claims Venus. ‘Imagining phoning someone to pay the debts off really focuses the mind on achieving it.

Thank you to Soror Prunikos for the link!

Former estate agent says she used the power of her orgasms to treble her income.


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