Video of Balthazar Blacke on Divine Gypsy Mother Cards

Balthazar Blacke introduces some foundational ideas and techniques using the Divine Gypsy Mother cards.

Originally from South Africa, Balthazar is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he has worked as a professional reader, medium and folk magician for over a decade. His magical work explores the intersection between the traditions of the African Diaspora and Solomonic magic. It is his conviction that divination and magic are not only a valid source of spiritual nourishment for modern people but a crucial antidote for the poisons of our time. When he isn’t reading cards for clients, he teaches ‘Solomonic Hoodoo’ on his YouTube channel (BLTHZR) and writes; and has contributed to publications such as At The Crossroads (Scarlet Imprint 2012) and Conjure Codex (Hadean Press). His work and services can be found at:


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