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Our Magic is working… QUICK!!!!GROUND!!!!! BANISH!!!!

Have you ever noticed how many people panic when their magic actually works?

Like we enter into practices designed to expand our consciousness and open up psychic senses – but the minute someone feels something, ANYTHING, out of the ordinary they get told to ground and center.

Same thing when the first spirits start to show up. You do all this work to develop yourself as a Witch and then the moment something stares back at you from the dark, you are like ‘AHHH!!!! BANISH!!!

Now don’t get me wrong. Grounding and Banishing are important and have their place. You live primarily here in the physical world, so when your practices pull you out of it in a way that is troubling, its good to be able to ground yourself.

The problem with constantly grounding yourself after every exercise and experience is that you return to your baseline instead of finding a new baseline. The difference is between being a normal person who experiences weird things as a result of practices, and actually becoming someone whose ordinary experience of life incorporates the spiritual.

Not all spirits are friendly, so you should be able to banish. The problem with constant banishing is that it cuts you off from the spiritual environment you live in. The local spirits that can becomes your greatest allies. It can also effect your overall ability to perceive spirits. Imagine this: you perform a summoning, the spirit is there trying to answer you, but you just keep summoning with stronger and stronger methods because you can’t actually perceive the presence.

I guess what I am saying is that if you embark on a path that is meant to stir up spirits and psychic perceptions – you shouldn’t shit your pants and close up shop when you actually begin to succeed in your work.

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