Video of an Excerpt from Eleusyve’s Production of Crowley’s “Rite Of Mars”

Eleusyve Productions is releasing their  performance of Aleister Crowley’s “The Rite of Mars”  this month [visit their FB page here:].

In the third Rite of Eleusis, the armies of Mars gather to make war. Mars rallies his troops and marches off to conquer. The troops are victorious but succeed at great cost. As they recover from battle, the forces of War confront things that cannot be countered by strength.

View the first eight minutes of Act Two:

Each production by Eleusyve adapts Aleister Crowley’s poetry and stage direction into a modern rock opera format  that explores the Rites first performed in Caxton Hall in 1910. This release is of the Rite of Mars as performed in Seattle, Washington in September 2014.

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Mars and the other Eleusis operas will be available single and as a series through Vimeo starting March 13, 2015.

video edited and provided by Bob Jones

Rites of Eleusis DVD

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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