Facimile Edition of “Papal Inquiry Into The Trial of The Templars For Sale

With Thelemic high holy days looming, we come up with a nice item for those who might want to give a gift, a copy of the “Papal Inquiry into the Trial of the Templars,” a massive work and much more than a book — with a $8,333  price tag.

What’s included is: “a large-format book including scholarly commentary, reproductions of original parchments in Latin, and — to tantalize Templar buffs — replicas of the wax seals used by 14th-century inquisitors.” All this enclosed in a soft leather case.  The collection includes: “the so-called Chinon Parchment, which contains phrases in which Pope Clement V absolves the Templars of charges of heresy.” This docment apparently has been “lost” in the Vatican archives for the past 700 years.

So if you know anyone who’s a member of the Order of the Eastern Temple, you might consider giving this as a gift at one of the Feasts for the Three Days of the Writing of the Book Of The Law.

More details here: http://www.reuters.com/article/2007/10/12/us-vatican-templars-idUSL093422320071012

Papal Inquiry

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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