Video for new Donovan Single Directed by David Lynch

This caught me by surprise, a new track from singer/songwriter Donovan Leitsch who started out as a Dylan wannabe, then became a jazzy hipster before discovering Transcendental Meditation from the Maharishi Mahesh yogi and staying pretty cosmic ever since.

If you’re already not a fan of this or vintage psychedelic folk — this might be a big too precious for you. But if you dug songs like “Atlantis” or his Rick Rubin produced “comeback” album, Sutras – you likely will enjoy this

Donovan’s I AM THE SHAMAN recorded in David Lynch’s Asymetrical Studios in LA and the video directed by David Lynch.

Donovan plays his acoustic guitar ‘Kelly‘ and sings .

David plays his unique Modal Chord Guitar Textures and effects. See lyrics here below

We ask you all… What on Earthly Heaven can Donovan be singing about?

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Yon wheeling of great stars has cast a silver web around my heart

On an Elfin Sea in a Ship of Filigree

And look upon her prow – a sign upon her brow

She guides us on our way when hearts they go astray

Lorelei Lorelei who will dry your pretty eyes

Lorelei as you fly around those starry skies

Lorelei why O why why O why O Lorelei

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

All those wheeling of great stars they cast a spell on me

As I wander through the stars Linda Love and me

I don’t know how I got here but I know where I go

As I wander all I know all I know

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Yeah Mon – I am The Shaman

Donovan Discs / Peer Music World / BMI: 2021 Video credits L.A. Crew: Director: David Lynch Engineer: Dean Hurley Mallorca Crew: Studio: NM Studios Camera & Lights: Jaume Caldentey Camera assistant: Cris Kelly Donovan Discs producer: Josep Umbria Production coordination: Joan Bonet Best Boy: M.Angel Gelabert Make-up / Hair: Coco March Stylist: Linda Leitch

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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