Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince @ Pioneer Works


Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince @ Pioneer Works


Pioneer Works in New York will open a two-month exhibition of contemporary Haitian art this September, with work by 15 artists on show at the art center’s spacious post-industrial environs in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook. Titled “Pòtoprens: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince,” the show will focus on artists from the Haitian capital, as curated by the Haitian-American artist/curator Edouard Duval-Carrié and Leah Gordon, an artist and co-director of the city’s Ghetto Biennale

A vodou flag by the artist Yves Telemaque. COURTESY PIONEER WORKS

Works to be featured derive from traditional mediums ranging from sequin-covered “Drapo Vodou” (or “voodoo flags”) to sculptural carvings of stone and wood. The show will also host a recreation of a Haitian barbershop by Richard Fleming, complete with a local barber who will offer haircuts to visitors. Barbershops in Haiti act as neighborhood touchstones, Gordon said, and the recreation of one will evoke “different zones of production.” A curated program of films will feature as well…..


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Pioneer Works to Host Contemporary Haitian Art Show in New York This Fall


also see talk

SEP 19th

Vodou and Visual Art Roundtable—Vodou: Cradle of Haiti’s Contemporary Art

In this roundtable led by Oungan (Vodou Priest) Jean-Daniel Lafontant, participants will contextualize the current exhibition PÒTOPRENS: The Urban Artists of Port-au-Prince by highlighting the interdependency between Vodou and the visual art of Haiti. The roundtable will elaborate on the ways in which the synergy between Vodou and Haitian contemporary art feeds the survival and dynamism of both, particularly in the urban Port-au-Prince area. Using photographs by Haitian photographer Moise Pierre, the discussion will highlight that the artwork and artifacts used for rituals, ceremonies, decoration are simultaneously works of artistic form and sacred objects representing Vodou spirits.

Vodou and Visual Art Roundtable—Vodou: Cradle of Haiti’s Contemporary Art

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