Unveiling of Satantic Temple Statue Goes Private in the Face of Protest

Reuters News Service reports that the unveiling of the Satantic Temple’s much discussed statue based on Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet, wound up being done privately before an invited audience who’d previously purchased tickets. The event was originally intended to be public when 50 protesters showed up at the original location the unveiling was slated for.

While most of this story is reported straightforwwardly, it claims that “after trying in vain to have it installed near a 10 Commandments monument in Oklahoma” the statue would be housed in Detroit.  We believe that in fact this matter is still unresolved as the Satanic Temple statue was intended to be installed as a counterpoint to a statue of the Ten Commandments installed on the grounds of Oklahoma’s state capitol. As of this writing, the Supreme Court of that state has ruled that the Ten Commandments must be removed — which then renders the installation of the satanic statement irrrelevant. Currently, the governor of Oklahoma is leaving the Abrahamic display in place until an appeal of the Supreme Court ruling is heard. One expects that IF the FINAL resolution in that case is to leave that statue in place that the Satanic Temple will go back to actively seeking to have their statue installed as well – in their tradition of clever, strategic, public political theater. In the meanwhile – for a fee – folks in Detroit can have their pictures taken with the Temple’s statue.

Read the article here:


and here’s Vice’s coverage of the unveiling ceremoney itself, rather than just the circumstances surrounding the event:


Satanic Temple statue

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