Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Sex Magick

Author, lecturer, and magician Donald Michael Kraig (1951-2014 e.v.) was perhaps best known for his book Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts, referred to by some as a “modern-day classic.” Other works included a remembrance of author Scott Cunningham, and Modern Tantra, scheduled to publish this December. He was also an acquisitions editor at Llewellyn Worldwide.

Sex magicians and practitioners of sacred kink, however, may remember him fondly for Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality. From the book summary:

book cover, modern sex magickFor thousand of years, people have known that sexual activity arouses the energy of the body. The Tantrics of the East of studied this, but in the West the research into the mystical results of sexuality has focused on the spiritual (“You will bond and feel closer to the divine”) or the mental and physical (“What you think of as you are sexually excited will come to pass. The physical results of such sexuality have magical properties”). 

Donald Michael Kraig, author of the top-selling Modern Magick,spent over ten years in study, research, and practice. He discovered that there was a long-hidden, secret Kabalistic knowledge of sex magick. This documented, ancient tradition is revealed in Modern Sex Magick.

In this book you will discover the missing secret to Western sex magick: manipulation of the energy which naturally occurs during sexual enjoyment. He follows the development of this system from ancient times to the famous Temples of Jerusalem. From there this secret teaching is traced throughout Europe, including the amazing revelation that what is commonly called “the Kabalah” today is only one of many schools of Kabalah!

After tracing the history of this system, Kraig reveals the sixteen theorems of magick and sex magick. Here you will find the secrets of how magick works, what is required to do any magick, and the basis of sex magick. Then you will learn techniques and exercises to prepare you for doing sex magick on the physical, spiritual, and energetic levels. Included here are the secrets of male multiple orgasm and female ejaculation. This is followed by instructions for five types of talismans you can make and use.

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