Townes Van Zandt on Fraternal Orders

Townes Van Zandt gets described as “an American singer-songwriter,” and he was, but more specifically, one that helped define “Outlaw Country” along with artists like Willie Nelson and (former touring member of Buddy Holly and the Crickets) Waylon Jennings. He was and is much beloved by most latterday envelope-pushers associated with the contemporary Country scene. Here’s an interesting ditty “Fraternity Blues” which in fact is not about the travails of life at your typical college frat but some other sort of fraternal organizations. Some of the details described may suggest a fraternal Order you have some knowledge of or perhaps participate in. Townes was a saucy bloke.

If you don’t wanna use Spotify I’m guessing this tune is on some on other platform which may or may not pay royalties to his estate.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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